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Brabantia Bathroom Scale White

Batteries included – 2 x Lithium CR2032/3V Accurate, digital system – 0.1 kg/0.2 lb/0.02 st. graduations Stands stable – robust non skid/protective caps Large capacity (max 180 kg/396…
10.500 KWD 8.400 KWD


Geor Rolling pin for pizza 60×4 cm

2.300 KWD 1.955 KWD
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Geor Meat Beater Cherry Tree 2 x Metal Sides 46 cm

2.700 KWD 2.295 KWD
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Geor Barbecue brush 20 cm

0.850 KWD 0.723 KWD
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Geor Grill Scissors 24 cm

1.850 KWD 1.573 KWD
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Geor Tong 25 cm

0.600 KWD 0.510 KWD
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Geor Spatula Narrow with Rounded Edge 30 cm

0.400 KWD 0.340 KWD
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Luminarc Sabot Oval Oven Dish 30×20cm 1.7L

1.500 KWD 1.275 KWD
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Luminarc Sabot Oval Dish 26x20cm 1.5 L

1.200 KWD 1.020 KWD
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Amefa Stratus Bread Knife 8inch Pouch

1.300 KWD 1.105 KWD
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Salter Electronic Milk Frother with Double Coil Whisk – Chrome

3.600 KWD 3.060 KWD
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ARIX SPLENDELLI Floor Cloth 50×70 Mix Cotton

0.500 KWD
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MPM Dr Johnson’s Anti-Bacterial Cleanser 750ml

1.200 KWD
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Ballarini Lucca Granite Frying Pan 28cm

11.500 KWD 9.775 KWD
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ARIX SPLENDELLI Microfiber Furniture Cloth

1.000 KWD
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Arix Aqua Massage Vital Sisal/Cotton Massage Glove

1.500 KWD
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Tonkita Rapid Cotton Flat Mop with Telescopic Handle 130cm

5.400 KWD
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ARIX Splendelli Maxy Sponge Scourer 4 pcs

0.600 KWD
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GEOR Onde Strainer 14cm

3.300 KWD 2.805 KWD
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