FNS Celebration Cutlery in Box Set of 78

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Cutlery sets have their own charm and are a huge add-on to the dining table. Add elegance to your dining experience using the wide range of exotic knives, forks and spoons. Complete your dinner collection with an elegant and beautifully crafted cutlery set and fetch compliments from your beloved guests.


6 Pcs Dinner Spoon
6 Pcs Dinner Fork
2 Pcs Dinner Knife
6 Pcs Tea Spoon
6 Pcs Baby Spoon
01 Pc Serving spoon Small
01 Pc Serving spoon Large
01 Pc Gravy Ladle Large
01 Pc Veg Serving Large
01 Pc Rice Serving Large
01 Pc Cake Server
24 Pcs Set with Box
34 Pcs Set
6 Pcs serving set
24 Pcs hanging set with a baby spoon


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