OMS Pressure Cooker 9L

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OMS high-end pressure cookers is manufactured in Turkey on modern technology lines according to European safety standards. If you are looking for a fast cooking pot, save electricity and retain heat for a long time, the OMS High-end Pressure Cooker is the perfect choice. Let’s see the technical parameters that make up the outstanding advantages of this pot.


Stainless Steel Pressure Cooker

Auto-lock and open mechanism

Durable and safe to use

Suitable for all cooking platforms

Durable – Bio Plus System

Great for large dishes

Easy to clean

Made in Turkey



Specifications of OMS high-end pressure cooker:

We often see common pressure cookers often use electrical plugs, OMS high-pressure cookers can be used directly on the induction cooker. Because this product is manufactured in stainless steel 304 – 18/10 Cr/Ni (Austenitic), is the most common stainless steel, containing at least 7% nickel, 16% chromium, carbon (C) 0.08% max. With this material, the pot has the ability to absorb heat quickly and keep heat effectively, providing high cooking efficiency, quickly softening food. In particular, according to the recommendations of the World Health Organization (WHO), stainless steel 304-18 / 10 Ni / cr is a type of stainless steel that is used a lot when making sauce pan from the European standard, health safety when processing food at high temperatures.


Modern, safe and easy-to-use OMS high-pressure cooker

Modern swivel design, easy to clean when finished using. Using this pressure cooker users are completely assured of the taste and softness of the dish. Popular dishes such as stew, squid, porridge, etc. are easily cooked with this high-end pressure cooker OMS.

How to use OMS high-end pressure cooker effectively, longly

To ensure durability and effective use of OMS high-pressure cookers, when using you need to pay attention:

  • Do not wash the pot immediately after using it
  • Do not use a metal scrub to rub the pot
  • Limit the cooking of foods that are too salty or too sour, should not be sour-salty foods overnight in the pot
  • Clean stainless steel pot properly, limit to scorching food
  • Be careful when opening the lid when using, high temperatures can cause burns