Salter Digital Cooking Thermometer 5-in-1 by Heston Blumenthal Precision

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Heston Blumenthal 5-in-1 cooking thermometer
Suitable for roasting, BBQ food, deep frying, confectionery and manual timing (Also great for grilling and jam making!)
Features Intelligent Roasting providing you with a countdown to the finish time
Measures up to 5 x faster than its counterparts for quick and easy readings
Dual sensors measure food and oven temperatures to give you a precise reading
Use the magnetic Info Card with Heston’s recommended temperatures
Measures with accuracy to 0.1 ºC for ultimate precision
Use the sturdy pan clip to stop the device wiggling whilst deep frying or cooking
Includes 2 x AAA Batteries
Guaranteed for up to two years Heston Blumenthal Precision 5-in-1 Digital Cooking Thermometer by SalterHeston Blumenthal Precision 5-in-1 Cooking Thermometer

The ultimate in precision, Salter and Heston Blumenthal introduce the 5-in-1 Digital Cooking Thermometer, great for the home cook or the professional chef. Work with a temperature range of -45ºC to 200ºC (-49ºF to 392ºF) and a long 14.5 cm probe for easy cleaning and versatility, as well as a silicon grip for easy holding.

Heston’s and USDA Government recommended temperatures are programmed into the product, but you can set your own if you need to. Measuring temperatures quickly and accurately, this kitchen thermometer by Heston Blumenthal is perfect for checking the temperature of meat, jam, confectionery and more!



Heston Blumenthal Precision 5-in-1 Digital Cooking Thermometer by Salter And grilling! The perfect meat thermometer, food can be cooked with the probe in place and the thermometer will monitor the temperature until it reaches its target. Dry joints are a thing of the past with this handy gadget, the bold display lets you know the oven temperature as well as the probe temperature so you can watch your meal cook to perfection.


The heat resistant meat thermometer cord lets you leave the probe in your meat/fish under the BBQ lid, no need to drill a hole! Select the ‘Roasting‘ option to pick your chosen meat and get cracking.

Deep frying

The device provides recommended oil temperatures for deep frying poultry, potatoes, doughnuts and seafood to get the best results. Use the pan clip to keep the thermometer steady and avoid a deep fried precision device!


Perfect for testing the temperature of sugar as it reaches heat levels of soft ball, firm ball, hard ball, soft crack and hard crack. Equipped with settings for achieving light, medium and dark brown caramel, you can also use the thermometer for tempering chocolate if you’re whipping up a fancy dessert!

Manual Heston Blumenthal Precision 5-in-1 Digital Cooking Thermometer by Salter

Whilst the device is pre-programmed with Heston’s recommended settings, the manual system lets you set your own temperatures if you need to.


This nifty feature takes into account the oven temperature and the probe temperature before providing you with a finish time for your meat. The digital Salter meat thermometer will start a countdown as the meat reaches its target temperature, helping you plan the timings for the rest of your meal. The device senses any fluctuation in temperature and adjusts its finish time accordingly to get the best results, hear the loud beeping and your meat is ready to eat!

A precision favourite, this 5-in-1 Heston thermometer will transform your culinary experience and help you get the best results, the perfect addition to your kitchen accessories.

A versatile cooking thermometer with pre-programmed temperatures to help you get the very best results when roasting, barbecuing, grilling, deep frying, or making confectionery. Also includes a handy ‘manual’ function allowing you to program your own target temperature, an oven temperature display and an intelligent roasting feature to help with meal timing.
Please read this instruction manual before use. Keep these instructions for future reference.


Press button to switch on.
Press button again to enter ‘set up’ mode.
Use the and arrows to cycle through the menu options:
Roasting: For measuring internal temperatures of meats, fish and poultry when roasting, barbecuing or grilling
Confection: For making jams, toffee, caramel etc
Frying: For measuring oil temperatures when frying
Manual: For setting your own target temperatures
Press to confirm your selection.
Continue to use the and arrows and button to select additional options on screen. (At any time: press to navigate back to the previous screen.)
Fold out the stand and unwind the cord. Remove the cord/probe from the product and insert the jack end into the front of the product. The thermometer is now ready for use and will display the current temperature as measured by the thin tip of the probe.
When the tip of the probe reaches the same temperature as the target temperature the alarm will sound for one minute.
Press button to silence the alarm.
For meats, fish and poultry
Insert the tip of the probe into the centre (thickest part) of the meat/ food. For whole poultry remove trussing and then insert into the thickest part of the thigh.
Ensure the probe is not in contact with bone, fat or gristle as this will affect the validity of the reading.
The food can be cooked with the probe in place and the cooking thermometer will monitor the temperature continually until it reaches its target. Always keep the display unit away from direct heat.
The display will show the oven temperature as well as the probe temperature.
When using the probe in an oven, carefully close the oven door onto the cord and position the display unit near the oven with the cord out of the reach of children.

PRODUCT DIMENSIONS: 15x 3.5 x 22cm


Do not use in oven temperatures above 250°C/480°F.
Keep the cord end of the probe clear of the oven walls and heating elements.
Never place the display unit inside the oven or grill or on direct heat.
Never use the probe to lift or turn food items.

Intelligent Roasting Feature:
When using the probe for oven roasting, your thermometer will display a handy time countdown as the meat nears its target temperature, helping you to better plan the timings for the rest of your meal.
Initially, the display will show “- – – -“ in the Intelligent Roasting window. Part way through cooking, the countdown time will appear and this will be continually updated to reflect any fluctuations in oven temperature etc.
NOTE When using low oven temperatures for slow roasting, the Intelligent Roasting timer will not be activated until nearer the end of the cooking period.

For confectionery
The pan clip can be used to hold the probe in place in your confectionery (jam, toffee, caramel etc). Position the tip of the probe in the liquid, away from the sides and bottom of the pan. Position the display unit to the side of the cooker away from the direct heat, ensuring that the cord is out of the reach of children.
Take care if stirring that you don’t dislodge the probe.

For deep frying
Use the probe as for confectionery (see above), placing the tip of the probe in the oil.
For safety reasons, it is recommended that the probe is removed from the oil once a stable temperature has been reached, before adding food.


Always clean the probe thoroughly between each use. (See cleaning instructions below)
Pressing the button, then selecting Edit or Clear will allow you to change the target temperature
To maximise battery life press and hold the button to switch off after use.
Auto switch-off occurs 10 mins after idle.

At the back of the instruction book, which you can download below, are charts showing all the pre-programmed temperatures used by the thermometer. Choose government recommended USDA* temperatures for safe preparation of meat, fish and poultry. Alternatively you may choose to use the pre-programmed Heston temperatures which coincide with guidelines given in his many recipes. Heston’s temperatures are often slighter lower and are specifically developed to give the best possible taste and texture result for each food type. However, it is important to understand that if you choose to use temperatures lower than the USDA guidelines, there may be a greater health risk involved; particularly when cooking meat, poultry & fish. Use of fresh ingredients and safe food handling is very important. The manufacturer accepts no responsibility or liability for food borne illnesses which may occur from food prepared using this product or temperature charts.

* USDA = United States Department of Agriculture, currently publishing the most detailed recommended guidelines.


Once meat/poultry has reached its final temperature, always rest for a minimum of 3 minutes before carving/ serving. For really succulent meat that is easier to carve, Heston recommends resting:

Small cuts (eg: steaks, breasts & burgers) for 5 minutes.
Larger cuts (eg: roast chicken & other roasting joints) for 30 – 45 minutes.

Slide off and remove battery door.
Move switch to preferred setting.
Replace battery door.

Remove battery door.
Insert new battery (2xAAA), ensuring +/- terminals are the correct way round.
Replace battery door.

We recommend that the thermometer probe is sterilised before each use e.g. insert the stem of the probe only in boiling water for a few minutes.
Clean the thermometer body with a slightly damp cloth.
DO NOT immerse the thermometer in water or use chemical/abrasive cleaning agents.
All plastic parts should be cleaned immediately after contact with fats, spices, vinegar and strongly flavoured/coloured foods. Avoid contact with acids such as citrus juices.

Always remove flat batteries immediately.
We recommend changing the battery after 1 to 2 years, to prevent batteries corroding in the product.
Always wear a heat resistant glove when handling the thermometer probe & cord. WARNING HOT SURFACE!
Do not immerse the thermometer body in liquid, or splash any liquid onto this part.
The thermometer is NOT suitable for use in a microwave oven.
DO NOT place thermometer inside oven or grill.
Probe & cord cannot exceed temperatures of 250°C/480°F.


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