OMS Granite Smiley Faces EggsCrepe Frying Pan Beige 26cm

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Happy Face Emoji Pan brings fun expressive emotes to the breakfast table. The creative griddle lets you create 7 different emoji pancakes with the convenient molds. Brighten up your mornings with smiling faces, joyful laughter and other faces

A food Non-Stick Granite Crepe Pan is characterized by thick walls that distribute heat regularly to heat food from several directions. Made of strong granite that spreads heat very evenly and reduces energy consumption, which makes it easy to adjust the temperature so as not to burn or stick food.

If the interior paint changes from gray to brown in Teflon pots, this change does not matter, and it can be avoided by not to heat it or expose it to a loud fire. The brown color can be disposed of by boiling pure Clorox liquid in the pot for a few minutes and rinsing well after that.


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