Ramadan Box – OMS Grey Mini Granite Casseroles Set of 3 – RB21

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3111S.12GR (1) + 3111S.14GR (1) + 3111S.16GR (1)
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OMS Mini Granite Casserole 12cm Grey

OMS Mini Granite Casserole 14cm Grey

OMS Mini Granite Casserole 16cm Grey


Range Description

A set of cooking pans is characterized by thick walls that distribute heat regularly to heat food from several directions. Made of strong granite that spreads heat very evenly and reduces energy consumption, which makes it easy to adjust the temperature so as not to burn or stick food.

Healthy, Natural, and High Quality 4 Layered Non-Stick Granite-Looking Internal Surface

High-Temperature Endurance, Aesthetics Non-Stick Granite Looking Exterior Surface

Energy Server Aluminum Die-Cast Body


User Guide


  • The product is coated with 3 layers of natural healthy materials
  • Resistant to high heat, due to the thickness of the product base, a key factor in saving energy
  • Not to use pots made of Teflon and ceramics after a break in parts of their layer in preparing foods that contain organic acids or Alkalis because they will interact with the aluminum element and contaminate the food with this harmful metal
  • Does not use metal spoons or forks with metal utensils and food cooking pots with granite layers because they cause scratches, better to use the ones made of wood or plastic.
  • The preference of using kitchen utensils with smooth surfaces for easy cleaning with the need to clean them after each use, with a soft sponge and rinse well with water
  • Do not place the empty vessel on the fire.
  • If the interior paint changes from gray to brown in Teflon pots, this change does not matter, and it can be avoided by not to heat it or expose it to a loud fire. The brown color can be disposed of by boiling pure Clorox liquid in the pot for a few minutes and rinsing well after that.
  • To ensure the preservation of product quality, the flame must not go beyond the bottom of the pots and utensils and do not reach the sides and handles.


  1. Non-Stick Granit Effect Spray (2)
  2. Non-Stick Granite Effect Spray (1)
  3. Non-Stick Top Coating
  4. Non-Stick Base Coating
  5. Aluminum Forged Body



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