Amefa Marquis Silver/Gold Cutlery Set of 24

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Amefa 6 persons – 24-pieces cutlery set Marquis

Amefa offers you a wide range of cutlery models and associated products so that you can create the right atmosphere for every occasion. Whether for breakfast with your family, dinner with your friends or a festive barbecue, Amefa has a design for every occasion or style and makes everyday enjoyment of good food even more attractive.

Amefa 24-piece cutlery set Marquis
A beautiful classic model with its own character from the Premiere range, in this range quality is combined with exclusive designs and functionality. This model of high-gloss stainless steel with gold accents gives your table a luxurious look and comes in a beautiful gift box.

Composition 24-piece cutlery set
This Amefa 24-piece cutlery set consists of the following parts:

• 6 knives
• 6 Forks
• 6 Spoons
• 6 Coffee / tea spoons

The length of the knife is 21cm

Quality is of paramount importance to Amefa. This 24-piece cutlery set is manufactured with great care and precision and is made of chrome nickel steel, better known as 18/10 stainless steel, which gives the product a high corrosion resistance (stain resistance). The Amefa products therefore guarantee years of pleasure.

Care instructions Cutlery
Our products are dishwasher safe because they are made of high quality 18/10 stainless steel. Nevertheless, we recommend that you wash all products carefully by hand before using them for the first time. To maintain the radiant shine of your cutlery, we recommend that you wash them with the soft side of a sponge.
We recommend the following to prevent staining;

• Rinse each part with water before putting it in the dishwasher.
• Place knives with the cutting part upwards in the dishwasher.
• Due to possible “contact corrosion” (caused by contact with different types of metal), we recommend not placing the knives in the same cutlery basket as the forks and / or spoons.
• Do not use too much detergent / rinse aid, as these are corrosive.
• When the washing program has finished, open the door to prevent condensation on the cutlery.
• Preferably wipe the cutlery as soon as the washing program has ended.

Amefa BV
Amefa stands for “Apeldoornse Messenfabriek” and was founded in 1931. Amefa has since grown into one of Europe’s most important suppliers of cutlery, kitchen knives and related table and kitchen supplies. Amefa carries several brands, including Amefa, Richardson Sheffield, Couzon and Medard de Noblat. Amefa’s head office is located in Apeldoorn, but it also has its own branches in England, Germany, France, Poland and Hong Kong and sells its products in more than 50 countries worldwide.


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