Amefa Richardson Sheffield Cucina 10 Pcs Knives + Scissors Block

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Product description
The stylish and user-friendly kitchen knives from Cucina are specially designed for daily use. Due to the classic look, Cucina fits every kitchen and all this for an affordable price.

The blade finished in detail is made of high-quality 13/0 stainless knife steel.
The blade is sharpened on both sides, which provides extra cutting comfort.

The handle has a classic design and is finished with three rivets.
The blade of the knife continues into the handle, which provides extra strength, balance and stability.

The 10-piece knife block is made of solid wood and comes with:

• Paring knife
Ideal for peeling and cutting fruit and soft vegetables
Blade: 10 cm

• Household
knife A very versatile knife for portioning meat and vegetables.
Blade: 12 cm

• Chef’s
knife A knife with many uses, with a wide-flared blade that allows the knife to swing while cutting
Blade: 20 cm

• Carving knife
Perfect for cutting and slicing larger pieces of meat, larger fruits and vegetables and poultry.
Blade: 20 cm

• Meat fork
The right tool to keep large pieces of meat and poultry in place during cutting and cutting, so that you can cut perfect pieces.
Blade: 15 cm

• Santoku knife small
A Japanese type of knife that you can work with very precisely and cut your meat or vegetables very thin. Due to the grooves in the blade, the food does not stick to the blade, which improves accuracy
Blade: 12.5 cm

• Santoku knife large
A Japanese type of knife with which you can work very precisely and cut your meat or vegetables very thin . Due to the grooves in the blade, the food does not stick to the blade, which improves accuracy
Blade: 17.5 cm

• Boning
knife A thin knife that allows you to cut around the bones effortlessly, leaving you with the perfect piece of meat or poultry.
Blade: 15 cm

• Bread knife
With the corrugated blade you can effortlessly cut through the crust of the bread and cut beautiful slices, without tearing the bread.
Blade: 20 cm

• Kitchen scissors
An indispensable tool in the kitchen.
Blade: 10 cm

Maintenance instructions
Quality is of paramount importance to Richardson Sheffield. Our knives are dishwasher safe because they are made of high quality stainless steel. Nevertheless, we recommend that you wash all products carefully by hand before using them for the first time. To maintain the radiant shine, we advise you to wash your cutlery with the soft side of a sponge.
We recommend the following to prevent stains:
• Rinse the blades with water before placing them in the dishwasher.
• Due to possible “contact corrosion” (caused by contact with different types of metal), we recommend placing the blades in the dishwasher separately from other metals.
• Do not use too much detergent / rinse aid, as these are corrosive.
• When the washing program has finished, open the door to prevent condensation on the blades.
• Preferably wipe the blades as soon as the washing program has ended.


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