Ballarini Salina Granite Non Stick Frying Pan 20cm

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Ballarini Salina non-stick frying pan, 20cm.

This scratch resistant, large non-stick pan is perfect for healthy frying with little or no oil, and for frying foods that are prone to stick like eggs and fish.

With a rim diameter of 20cm, this coated frying pan is just right for cooking large portions or for big family meals.

The riveted stainless steel handle stays cooler to the touch, especially when the pan is being used on induction. The handle has a hanging loop for easy storage.

The radiant base provides excellent contact with the hob top, and super-efficient conductivity on induction for fast heat up times.

Heavy-gauge forged aluminium body – 4.5 mm + 0.5 mm stainless steel
32cm rim diameter
Granitium Ti-X: 7-layer coating: Exceptionally long lasting. Titanium reinforced non-stick coating combines outstanding performance with superior abrasion resistance –metal safe
The Radiant bottom ensures excellent performance on induction and all other hobs
Ergonomic stainless steel handle stays cool during cooking and is suitable for use in the oven
Ceramic external coating
Designed by Studio Thun-Made in Italy


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