Playgro Play and Learn Ball

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Product Description
Roll and tumble! The Play and Learn Ball is a developmental toy for baby that is full of sensory stimulation. Featuring rattling balls inside a unique plastic cylinder and a variety of hard and soft surfaces, baby will enjoy twisting and clicking the colourful textured beads. The mirror on the top will help baby to learn about reflections and assist in developing self-awareness skills. This playtime toy is a sensory delight, baby will find hard to resist as they explore through touch, taste and sound during play.Easy for small hands to grab, shake and roll (ideal for motor skills development)
Chewable textured teething beads to ease sore gums
Mirror for reflecting light and images, enhancing self awareness
Rattling and spinning beads stimulate listening skills and teach baby about cause and effect
Encourages active play and thought processes

Enhance Imagination – toys help to stimulate a child’s imagination and allows them to think out the box.
Motor Skills – As your child grows on a daily basis, they need to develop different motor skills which are important for their development. Interactive toys allow children to develop their ability to master dexterity and hand-eye coordination.
Social Skills – When kids play, they love having someone else to join in on the fun and play with them. Toys have a way of allowing them to play and engage with other kids – a crucial skill to develop especially for those schooling years and beyond


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