Infinity Leap TP 2 Levels Trampoline

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TP Infinity Leap Trampoline is the world’s first 2 level trampoline, with two linked horizontal bounce zones for double the fun! This patent protected trampoline delivers an exceptional bounce performance from a unique dual suspension solution. Coiled metal springs on the horizontal plane working in unison with a bungee spring system to ensure exceptional lift off from the bed for the jumper. Creating extra fun and an epic bounce every time!

Also unique to TP Infinity Leap Trampoline is the YOYO enclosure. YOYO is the only trampoline enclosure that just one adult can erect, take down and put away in seconds.

With safety in mind, the TP Infinity Leap Trampoline features a zip free entry through the IGLOO tunnel door and a jump safe design. Manufactured with the highest quality materials, TP Infinity Leap sets a new standard in trampoline design and is built to last.

Introducing the YOYO- the easy put up, take down and fold away enclosure that just one adult can manage. It really does take just seconds to elevate and take down the YOYO enclosure!

Easy Put up: Getting the trampoline enclosure erected in the first place is stress free. Unlike all other enclosures you can build this one with your feet firmly on the ground so no scrambling around on the trampoline bed, 1 metre off the ground, stretching up to reach the connectors at the top of the surround poles as the bed depresses under your weight! In the box is a ‘TP wand ‘that is used to hook the big connecting loop at the top of the surround pole. Simply pull the loop towards you and the surround glides up. Now, secure the loop at the base of the pole. Takes seconds. Repeat 8 times and the surround is erected.

Easy Take Down: This solves the problem that arises when you have to take the enclosure down because a storm is on its way but you are home alone. Unlike other trampolines where considerable strength is needed to lift an enclosure pole from its housing when under tension, with the TP INFINITY LEAP you simply release the connecting loop and the enclosure is no longer in tension. Now it’s easy to simply lift the YOYO enclosure upright out of its socket and use the integral hinge to lay the upright poles flat onto the surface of the trampoline bed. Takes seconds. Repeat 8 times and the enclosure is down.

Easy Fold Away: Because taking the enclosure down is so easy for one person, it will happen on an everyday basis. That simply doesn’t happen now because it’s hard to do and takes time, two people, one with a lot of muscle. Taking down regularly will prolong the life of the enclosure. Given the cost of replacing surrounds, that’s important. Add an optional cover is available for even better enclosure life.

Max User Weight: 120 kgs

Suitable for children from 6 Years



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