Tommee Tippee Advanced Anti-Colic 3+m Medium Flow Teat

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3.500 KWD

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Award-winning breast-like nipple-
Like a breast because babies prefer it that way ? acceptance guaranteed. Identifying Anti-Colic Nipples-
The Anti-Colic Nipples are clearly labeled with an ‘Anti-Colic’ mark on the nipple and the packaging has a teal background to help identify the range. The Advanced Anti-colic nipples are not compatible with Closer to Nature bottles. Replacement Nipples-
The Advanced Anti-Colic Nipples are available in three flow rates, slow, medium and fast. The flow rate can be located on the actual nipple in the form of a number, 1 is slow, 2 is medium and 3 is fast flow. All our nipples are supplied with an age range; this acts as a guide only as every baby is different and will develop at different rates.


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