To build a distinguishedelectronic platform in Kuwait and The Middle East for household products, baby & children needs.


We seek to become a destination for high quality household products, cleaning tools and materials, baby & children needs as well as mother needs. We will achieve this goal through offering a wide range of globally known brands supported by first class service.


  • Commitment for Quality.
  • Responsible marketing.
  • Enhancement of Lifestyle.
  • Ensuring value for money.

All qualitative household from prominentEuropean & Japanese factories are brought under one platform where our customers can get their house and family needs simply by clicking a button. AL-Baghli & AL-Arbash International Company hasutilized its rich trading experience in the field of household, cleaningand baby & children needs into team brings decade of experience inCulinary, Organizing Wear, Home Accessories, Cleaning Tools and Gardening materials into one website to provide exceptional and professional lifestyle.